Rebranding | Here We Grow

Paints that change American farmers’ lives.

Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) was originally formed by thirty farmers in 1931, the hardest year for American farmers. Each farmer put up $30 to buy their farm supplies as a corporative and that is how the company started.

Inspired by the company heritage, I want the new OSH connects its history with the idea of supporting family farmers in the United States. OSH will be seen as a green, environmentally concerned company and will specifically support Farmaid, a non-profit organization that protects and supports family farmers in America.

Here We Grow is my proposed sub-brand for the OSH paint product line that positively reflects green action of the company. I hope the new product will give customers the experience that they are not just getting paint colors but they are also helping each farmer to be able to stay in their lands.
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